About WMEC

We at Woodcrest Montessori Education Center provide a safe and unique learning environment that allows children to experience the excitement of learning by their own choices. Each child is nurtured and encouraged to learn and grow as a total human being.

Our Belief

  • We believe in respecting the child.
  • We believe in the importance of a stimulating and nurturing learning environment.
  • We believe in fostering the individuality and diversity of each child.
  • We believe in excellence in education through hands-on learning.
  • We believe in encouraging personal responsibility, self-discipline and independence.
  • We believe that parents play a critical role in their child’s education.


Elizabeth Bunker, Owner and Proprietor, has been a Montessori trained teacher since 1983. She has run a home based Montessori preschool and daycare and has served as a teacher and Director at other Montessori schools prior to beginning Woodcrest Montessori Education Center, Inc. in 2002.

Extensive Montessori Experience

Bunker, (Ms. Liz, as she is called at school), extensively knows the Montessori Method and believes in its effectiveness. “I have seen firsthand over and over, that Montessori truly makes a world of difference”, says Ms. Liz. “Our quality staff, including the Director, teachers and assistants, is a diverse, well rounded and loving group of people.”